Online Resources Category: Multimedia Arts

Open Arts Journal

Open Arts Journal emphasises innovation, in content and medium and by virtue of a bespoke digital design. Our contributors encompass a wide range of scholars, from professionals to provocateurs, with original visual essays and polemics; reflections on art from curators, historians and artists; and the fruits of rigorous theoretical, historical or longitudinal research.

Limina: A Journal of Historical and Cultural Studies

Limina is a journal of historical and cultural studies published at the University of Western Australia since 1995. The journal’s editorial collective works with an international advisory board to publish two issues each year: a themed issue (linked to the Limina Annual Conference theme)and a general issue.

Intensities: the Journal of Cult Media

Intensities is an online journal first launched at Cardiff University in 2001 under the editorship of Matt Hills and Sara Gwenllian Jones. It later moved to Brunel University, where it was edited by David Lavery, and is currently edited (still at Brunel) by Leon Hunt. Intensities will publish two issues a year. The journal addresses all aspects of cult media including cult television, cult film, cult radio, cult comics, literary cults and cult authors, new media cults, cult figures and celebrities, cult icons, musical cults, cult geographies, historical studies of media cults and their fandoms, cult genres (e.g. science fiction, horror, fantasy, pulp fiction, Manga, anime, Hong Kong film etc.), non-generic modes of cultishness, theorisations of cult media, relevant audience and readership studies, and work that addresses the cult media industry.

InVisible Culture: An Electronic Journal for Visual Culture (IVC)

InVisible Culture: An Electronic Journal for Visual Culture (IVC) is a student run interdisciplinary journal published online twice a year in an open access format. Through double blind peer reviewed articles, creative works, and reviews of books, films, and exhibitions, our issues explore changing themes in visual culture. Fostering a global and current dialogue across fields, IVC investigates the power and limits of vision.


Film-Philosophy is a peer-reviewed open-access academic journal covering the engagement between film studies and philosophy.

Press Start

Press Start is an open access, peer-reviewed student journal that publishes the best undergraduate and (post)graduate research from across the multidisciplinary subject of Game Studies.

The Journal of e-Media Studies

The Journal of e-Media Studies is a blind peer-reviewed, on-line journal dedicated to the scholarly study of the history and theory of electronic media, especially Television and New Media. It is an inter-disciplinary journal, with an Editorial Board that is chiefly grounded in the methodologies of the field of Film and Television Studies.

Sensate Journal

Sensate, a new online journal for experiments in critical media practice, is currently recruiting new team members.

The Fibreculture Journal

The Fibreculture Journal is a peer reviewed international journal, first published in 2003 to explore issues and ideas within the Fibreculture network. The Journal now serves wider social formations across the international community. We work with those thinking critically about, and working with, contemporary digital and networked media, and related transversal thought.

Evental Aesthetics

Evental Aesthetics is an independent, international, interdisciplinary journal dedicated to philosophical perspectives on aesthetic practices and experiences.