Celebrating Earth Month 2019

For two years in a row, the Library in partnership with Sustainability Department headed by Engr. Macky Maceda held the ‘Recycled Arts Competition” last April 2019.

Here are the winners of the competition:



I choose to create a whale shark because they are an endangered species in the Philippines. I decided to use the back of old CDs to color the whale shark and wanted to glisten to represent water. I hope my work raises awareness to take care of our oceans before we lose any more beautiful creatures just like how we might lose out whale sharks.

Materials: plastic coke bottles, CDs



My artwork is an interactive piece. It is meant for people to be able to hold and feel. What inspired me to make this piece is from an online game called Rainbow 6 Siege. One of the characters, Montage, has this equipment called “Le Rock” which is a ballistic shield and can expand to cover the body from incoming bullets. This was made by welding the metal wheel- barrel to get the appropriate shape then bending and hammering the sides to curve so as to cover the angles coming from the sides like the actual “Le Rock” and then attached other materials to improve and create the cover for the legs. How it helps to promote environmental awareness is by showcasing that all kinds of scraps can be used and repurposed and “nothing” can be turned into “something”.

Materials: metal wheelbarrel, plywood, air condition parts, leather straps, metal sheet, bolts & nuts, acrylic glass, metal pole & pieces, synth rope, metal wire & fiber glass.




My artwork is made out of soda/energy drink, a Vienna sausage can and leftover wires. I made a sculpture of my Grandpa because every morning I used to see him read the newspaper with his legs crossed. Often greeting me “Kumain ka na ba?” along with offering me coffee and bread. The last time I saw him reading or fully moving was three years ago and because he’s ion a coma, I miss his daily routine of figuring how to solve a crossword puzzle.

Materials: soda can, monster energy can, Vienna sausage can, leftover metal wires, empty spray paint.



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