Enderun Colleges Celebrates Annual Book Fair

Wonderfully and meticulously planned by the college’s very own librarians, Ms. Zen Carlos and Ms. Mona Torres, the Enderun Book Fair was a week-long event packed with fun activities.

Ever heard of Laporte Archery? It takes archery to a whole new level using a new concept that is eco-friendly and silent. Imagine stringing a light-weight arrow and shooting it at a flying disc (your target). The arrows are made of carbon and the tips of foam making it ideal to shoot aerial targets.

A yearly tradition, the Sudoku Marathon and the Quiz Bees were also held in the Library. These were made possible by the helping hands of Culinaire, Hoteliers and Lux Lucis – a few of Enderun’s student organizations. Lots of cool prizes were given out such as gift certificates to Starbucks, Fully Booked and Resto 101.

Around campus, one could also find different booths. Books from Anvil Publishing, Powerbooks and National Bookstore, FujiFilmINSTAX where students flocked to get their photos taken, Kukiko: the stall with yummy cookies handmade by Enderun alumna Yna Zuniga, Bar Dolci with their creamy gelato and scrumptious macarons, PCBS in partnership with LifeBox and Culinaire’s booth that sold their addicting take on Poutine (a Canadian dish of fries topped with gravy and cheese curds) with an Asian spin-off from different cuisines such as Korean, Japanese, and Filipino.

To cap off the week, First Edition (another one of our student organizations) held a block screening of the Hunger Games: Mockingjay, the last book of Suzanne Collins’ trilogy. Held at the Bonifacio High Street Cinema, the 4D experience took viewers on a new journey with the film.

Enderun Colleges Library

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