Enderun Students and First Edition Organize Valentine’s Event

Enderun Students and First Edition Organize Valentine’s Event

Get married, get a divorce, or purchase roses for your lover

Being one of those awaited celebrations during the school year, it was natural for Enderun students to uphold that Valentine’s Day spirit. That being said, students were able to experience the season of love through the various love-themed booths and gimmicks fashioned by First Edition, one of Enderun’s student organizations.

The library certainly had a Heart’s Day mood worthy of Saint Valentine himself. On one corner stood the “Love Wall” wherein students could post love-related messages or quotes that fit the season. Some were straight off of songs such as, “Love is a ruthless game, unless you play it good and right,” while others were deep thoughts on love, jokes, and innuendos. Aside from this, the library held a poetry writing contest and the theme, of course, was “LOVE.” Winners of this contest enjoyed either a PhP100 or PhP500 gift certificate from Restaurant 101. Some contestants were asked to read their poems in front; poems that consisted of love in all its different forms – happiness, bitterness, joy, or even anger. Suffice it to say, Valentine’s Day was definitely felt at the Enderun Library.

The “LOVE WALL” located at the Enderun Library in Titans  Hall

The “LOVE WALL” located at the Enderun Library in Titans Hall

For those couples looking to the future or even for friends looking for some laughs, a fan favorite was the marriage booth, located at the Chef’s Lounge. Couples were able to take the “next step” in their relationship and say “I do.” This special booth came with a priest, flowers for the bride (or brides), a special lollipop ring, and a marriage certificate to make the “wedding” all the more realistic. Being one of those who were wed in the booth, I can attest that it was definitely an entertaining experience. A lot of students (girls including myself, to be exact) were able to experience that teenage dream of saying “I do” and exchanging rings – with friends. This booth was one of the highlights of the day, something that is starting to be a tradition on campus.



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